Buy 2 pints for $10

🍻Who is missing their local!? …It probably doesn’t need to be said, but we are very much missing you!

As you can imagine, a lot of hospitality venues are very much struggling – not able to trade, no customers, but still, a lot of the regular bills still to pay.

Our friends at Carlton & United Breweries have come up with an initiative to help your local watering hole to cover some of the bills while we are out of action.

How it works:
 Head to the link in this post where you will see an option to purchase 2 pints of Great Northern Super Crisp for $10.
 You will be issued a receipt for your payment.
 As we get closer to reopening, CUB will send your vouchers!

If you can join us for a drink, we would love your support 💕

CLICK HERE to purchase your beers

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