Oceans on Marine Function Space

The Surf Club Coolangatta can offer function space for weekday corporate breakfasts or space for business events like workshops and product launches.

We can seat up to 200 for breakfast and offer projector screen, whiteboard and microphone.

Unfortunately, due to our regular busy trade, we do not offer any function space at night or during the weekends.

If you are celebrating your special event we are happy for you to make a large restaurant booking.


Do you cater for 18th and 21st Birthday celebrations?
Unfortunately, we do not cater for these events.

Can I pay for all of my guests?
Yes, contact reception by email and we can organise to take your order at the table for bookings over 20 people, we can also set up a bar tab at this time as well.

I would like to book a specific table, in a specific area.
While we do our best to accommodate every request, we can never guarantee an area or specific table i.e. Windows
Due to restaurant flows during busy times we need to set groups in areas that suit our room.

Can I order platters for a booking in the Restaurant area?
No, but you can order a variety of meals to share off the restaurant menu.

Do you cater for wakes?
Yes, we can subject to availability and time of the year /week. We understand that wakes can be difficult to predict numbers etc, we can offer a semi-private area for a 3 hour period. You are then welcome to continue in the bar area. There are options for platters, sandwich platters, tea and coffee etc. please download platter options here

I want to make a large booking.  We don’t want to eat, we just want drinks… can we have a window table?
We are happy to take your booking, but it will be in a bar area with high tables, not in restaurant seating on the windows.

Can I bring snacks? Chips/nuts/lollies/fruit?
No, the only BYO food we allow is Birthday/Celebration cakes.

We want to bring our own cake, Do I have to pay a cakeage fee?
No, we are happy to keep your cake in the fridge and give it to you with plates and a knife with serviettes. We do not offer the service of portioning your cake and serving.

Can we decorate?
Yes, we allow modest decorating of your table, please no confetti or small sprinkles or glitter. Your decorations must not discomfort other guests or impede their view or space.

Am I able to book at any time of the year?
No sorry, we do have block out periods where we do not take any restaurant bookings. These are generally through the major holiday periods Please ask our reception staff.

Do I need to pay a deposit?
No, we will contact you close to the booking date to confirm final numbers. Please be advised that if the majority of your table is not present within 20 mins of booking, we reserve the right to reclaim tables at managements discretion.


50 pieces + garlic bread & wedges + dipping sauces
Salt & Pepper Calamari (10)
Buttermilk Chicken Wings (10)
Coconut Crumbed Prawns (10)
Vegetable Spring Rolls (10)
Mini Pies (10)
Seasoned wedges Sour Cream & Sweet  Chilli
Garlic Bread cut into fingers (1 loaf)

$80.00 per platter
(platter serves 8-10 people, no substitutions)

90 pieces + garlic bread & sweet potato fries + dipping sauces
Garlic Bread cut into fingers (1 loaf)
Salt & Pepper Calamari (10)
Prawn Skewers in Garlic Butter (10)
Charred Chilli Baby Octopus (10)
Buttermilk Chicken Wings (10)
Beer Battered Sea Perch Cocktails (10)
Satay Chicken Skewers (10)
Lamb & Rosemary Gourmet Pies (10)
Beef Skewers (10)
Antipasto Skewers (10)
Sweet Potato Fries

$120 per platter
(platter serves 8-10 people, no substitutions)

Corn chips with melted cheese, tomato salsa, sour cream and guacamole

$45 per platter
(platter serves 8-10 people, no substitutions)

10 assorted freshly made sandwiches (40 points)


Tea and Coffee
$3 per person

How do I pay for Platters?
Platters must be pre-paid when ordered by Cash, EFTPOS or Direct Deposit

If you have any further enquiries please fill out the form below and we will respond within 48 hours. If your enquiry is urgent please ring the club and ask to speak to a Duty Manager.

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